Security Services

Security of property and protection of staff on guarded objects is one of the priorities of our Agency.

Company security is a complex of measures aimed at ensuring business steadiness and security of its property. Prior to taking the object under protection, our specialists will conduct a thorough inspection and examination of the facility to determine the most effective and suitable security system. After that, well provide our recommendations for the customer on the best security tactics for this specific facility.

We provide the following services:

Our security company has a vast experience in ensuring safety of mass events. At the preparation stage, a meeting is conducted with the initiator of the event and a decision is made on the way and means to be used to ensure safety.

At present, the most popular services are the following:

The mission of Agency of Business Security is to ensure maximum success of the business of our clients. We put a lot of efforts and do our best to achieve that. Our Agencys comprehensive and systematic approach to work is the key to your peace of mind and safety.