"Agency of Economic Safety"
Personnel security.

Personnel security is a process of preventing negative impacts of risks and threats associated with staff, its intellectual potential, and employment relations in general, on the economic safety of business.

According to statistics, about 80% of the damage to assets of the businesses is caused by their own staff. Employees of the company have access to information and understand its value. Any resentment against the leadership can provoke employee to commit an illegal act.

The worldwide statistics, also true for Russia, shows that 10-15% of all people are dishonest, 10-15% completely honest, and the remaining 70-80% - wavering, that means they will act dishonestly, if the risk of being caught is minimal.

The main threats to personnel security of business include:

To ensure personnel security the company should follow three principles:
Employees of the Agency of Economic Safety are ready to provide following services to the businesses:

Candidates screening (with their written consent) at recruitment: Working personnel check, intended to detect and prevent cases of: In addition, our staff can also provide assistance to the manager and human resource department of the company in preparation of all necessary documents for recruitment (termination of employment) and development of complex set of measures to create and maintain personnel monitoring system and positive attitude to the employer.