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Lie detector (polygraph)

Lie detector (polygraph) is a device recording and evaluating response of human body to external stimulus. For example, a person reacts to a sharp sound not only externally - by turning his/her head toward its source, but also on internal level - by changing of heart and respiratory rate and other biological parameters. Moreover, this reaction is spontaneous and cannot be controlled by the person. The same thing happens during an interview with a polygraph (lie detector). The subject is asked and answers a series of questions according to a certain technique. When the person responds, deceptive answers cause certain reaction of the respondentís body and are registered by polygraph. Itís impossible to hide these reactions, as such changes in body functions are not easily controlled by the conscious mind.

Polygraph test usually lasts from 40 minutes to 2 hours. Polygraph examiner explains how to behave and what to say during the interview and then places sensors on the subjectís body. Lie detector test is absolutely safe and painless procedure. Results of the test become clear almost immediately after the interview or, more rarely, several hours afterwards.

With polygraph, you can get any hidden information, which is of particular importance to you. Lie detection is particularly necessary in cases of theft, confidential information leakage, and material losses. When you recruit employees, you need to know accurate information about them, but who would reveal their real shortcomings? Our specialist will conduct polygraph test and detect all weaknesses of your potential employee. Lie detector allows you to obtain all needed information about people you are interested in at the shortest possible time. Typical testing on lie detector consists of three major stages: it starts with a pre-test interview when polygraph examiner explains to the subject testing procedure and gains some preliminary information about the subject and his/her health condition. Second stage is the actual test, when the subject answers the questions of polygraph examiner. Third stage is post-test interview, when examiner clarifies why the subject gave certain answers to the questions.

You might think that if there is security department in the company, you donít need any assistance from ďoutsideĒ. However, this is not entirely true. Our Agency helps people to solve complex problems, as polygraph examiner is a third party unbiased to everyone. Our polygraph specialist works with matters of various complexity and always finds accurate answers, while your personal security service may hide important information from you.